How Much is a CGM with Insurance?

How Much is a CGM with Insurance?

Out of pocket costs for a CGM and sensors are can be very prohibitive. Without insurance an estimated total for a CGM is $6,000 per year or $500 a month. However, at Insurance Covered CGM, our goal is to help make your CGM much more affordable for you by getting it covered through insurance.

If your CGM is covered by insurance, then you can look to pay between $0 to $60 per month.logo

The excitement over CGM is real because this technology can revolutionize the way that Type 1 diabetes patients receive care. However, the high cost is a barrier meaning that without insurance a CGM remains a luxury.

A CGM requires a prescription, but once you get one using a service like Insurance Covered CGM means that we an help you get your CGM covered by insurance, and you don’t pay for our service.

At Insurance Covered Continuous Glucose Monitors, our goal is to help diabetic patients get their continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and supplies covered by insurance. CGMs allow patients to accurately monitor their glucose levels anytime, anywhere, without fingersticks. CGMs provide patients with real time glucose data, trends, and alerts with high or low glucose levels. Insurance Covered Continuous Glucose Monitors offers the two best CGM products: Abbott Freestyle Libre 2 and Dexcom G6.

Diabetic patients can get the high-quality CGMs they need covered through insurance by completing our simple Qualify Through Insurance form. Once your CGM is approved by your insurance company, we will ship your CGM directly to your door.

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How much is a CGM with insurance?


If your CGM is covered by insurance, then you can look to pay between $0 to $60 per month.